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Tryout Survival Guide

With that start of the Spring season beginning this week here on Long Island, hundreds of student athletes are trying out for their JV and Varsity teams. For some, this is just another day of practice. For others, an opportunity to prove to their coaches that they have put in the work to get better in the offseason.

No matter who you are and what your status is, please remember that you are replaceable and no one is bigger than the team. The two things that you can control is your attitude and your effort. Hustle on and off the field, be a great teammate, put in extra work before and after practice, and get it done in the classroom. The players who do things that require no talent, are the guys coaches want on their team.

In addition, the teams who have players who know their roles are usually the teams with the best chemistry playing well into May and June. There is not one person on the squad that is least important than another person. If you are one of these players, embrace your role, but strive for more and don’t settle. If you are a guy with speed that can lay down a bunt in a critical spot in the game, go get the job done. The more you accomplish these small but meaningful tasks, the more trust your coach will have in you in other situations.

With all that being said, I wish everyone a healthy and safe season!

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