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At Between the Lines, we pride ourselves on the development of the whole athlete. We believe that what is taught and learned, “Between the Lines” will transfer into an athlete’s life, outside of the lines. We offer a full schedule of:

  • Individual Lessons

  • Group/Team Workouts

  • Camps, Clinics

  • Strength & Conditioning 

  • Coaching Workshops


Our approach is simple. Differentiate instruction to cater to every type of learning ability. This is something that is overlooked in the sports world.


When you choose Between the Lines, you are ensured to have the following qualities from your coaches and staff:

  • Previous High Level Playing Experience

  • Previous Teaching/Coaching Experience

  • Continuing Education in Coaching and Philosophies

  • Ability to Differentiate Instruction for All Abilities

  • Professional and Positive Attitude


In having these qualities in our staff, your child will walk away from our programs with the following character traits and skills:

  • Positive Self-Esteem

  • Quality Work-Ethic

  • Sound Mental Approach to the Game & Life

  • Ability to Work Through Adversity

  • Application of Skills & Concepts into Gameplay


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